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Arizona (AZ) Congressional District 1

Map of CD-1.

*Primary winner


*Sydney Hay (R)

*Ann Kirkpatrick (D)

Barry Hall (R)

Tom Hansen (R)

Preston Korn (R)

Dr. Sandra Livingstone (R)

Jeffrey Brown (D)

Howard Shanker (D)

Mary Kim Titla (D)

Bill Konopnicki (R)
- Decided not to run -

Kris Mayes (R)
- Decided not to run -

Jeff Riley (D)
- Decided not to run -

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Rick Renzi (R) - incumbent
Is not running for reelection.


7/2/08 Democrats square off in Cottonwood.

5/22/08 Napolitano backs Kirkpatrick.

4/21/08 Bennett will not run.

4/15/08 Bennett probably not in the race.

4/15/08 Congressional Quarterly covers the race.

4/11/08 Mayes to skip CD-1.

4/4/08 Bennet may enter the race.

4/3/08 Sydney Hay raises $100,000 in one night.

3/31/08 Kirkpatrick raises $240,000 in 1st qtr.

2/19/08 Kris Mayes forms exploratory committee.

2/17/08 Andy Tobin will not run.

2/14/08 Kris Mayes reconsidering a run.

1/11/08 Preston Korn is in the race.

1/9/08 The Hill weighs in on CD-1.

1/8/08 Konopnicki will not run for congress.

11/8/07 Preston Korn explores running.

11/4/07 The Arizona Daily sun has the latest on the race.

11/2/07 Konopnicki's web site is up and running.

11/1/07 Owens and Mayes decide not to run.

9/23/07 Konopnicki to announce committee on Sept. 27.

9/10/07 Konopnicki will form exploratory within weeks.

9/5/07 Bennett to skip CD-1.

8/30/07 Sydney Hay to run in CD-1.

8/28/07 Update on Republicans in CD-1.

8/24/07 The Daily Sun surveys the field.

8/24/07 The Arizona Republic has coverage of the Renzi story. A Channel 12 video is available on the right side of the page with commentary from Nathan Sproul and Chris Herstam.

8/23/07 Benson at the Republic weighs in

8/6/07 Business Journal

7/29/07 Republican who might run now that Renzi is out. We would also add the name of Ken Bennett to the list of possible GOP candidates.

7/24/07 Arizona Republic

4/27/07 Sonoran Alliance did a run-down on possible Republican candidates back in April.


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