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5/6/11 Ken Bennett exploring run for Governor.

4/29/11 War of the endorsements breaks out in CD 6.

4/29/11 Who might run for U.S. Senate on Dem ticket?

4/4/11 Jeff Flake raises $1 million in first quarter.

1/14/10 Rep. Shadegg not runing in 2010.

1/13/10 Dean Martin announces for Governor.

12/17/09 Preview of Legislative Races

5/20/09 Gates appointed to Phx City Council. Arizona Republic and Seeing Red AZ

5/20/09 Gilbert Election results

5/20/09 Sahuarita and Marana election results

4/15/09 Tucson Tea Party well attended.

2/2/09 Anna Tovar selected for Gallardo's seat in LD 13.

1/21/09 Brewer sworn in as Governor!

1/9/09 Brewer picks Bennett for Secretary of State.

1/9/09 Rep. Steve Gallardo (D 13) leaving the legislature

12/5/08 Jan Brewer announces her transition team.

12/2/08 Don Stapley indicted on multiple counts.

12/1/08 Governor Napolitano to be selected for Homeland Security

11/30/08 Will Obama select Raúl Grijalva for Interior?

9/12/08 Republicans fighting over AZ House Speaker position.

6/27/08 Rep. Albert Tom out of the race.

6/13/08 Allen appointed to Jake Flakes senate seat.

5/22/08 Governor supports Kirkpatrick for Congress.

4/30/08 Burns won't run again in LD 25.

LD 6 GOP has gone contested.

4/11/08 Kris Mayes decides against running for CD-1.

4/4/08 Bennet might enter CD-1 race.

3/19/08 May drops out of CD-3.

3/6/08 Hatch-Miller drops out of CD-5

10/17/07 Schwiekert resigns.

9/30/07 Giblin at the Trib looks at Arizona Congressional races.

9/25/07 U.S. Supreme Court to decide on constitutionality of ID at the polls.

8/29/07 Federal Judge tosses out part of lawsuit against Arizona’s voting requirements.

8/28/07 Arizona in play for GOP presidential primary.

8/22/07 - Arizona Presidential Primary
little more than 5 months away. ADS

8/20/07 - Article about Phoenix Prop 3. AR

8/20/07 - Phoenix to also vote on 6 propositions. AR

8/17/07 - James Ogsbury to
announce this Saturday. See
our CD-5 page for details.

8/17/07 - Coverage of the Phoenix City
Council races
from the Arizona Republic.

8/16/07 - McCain and Kyl
drop in popularity

8/16/07 - Phoenix District 7 debate coverage
from Arizona Republic and Seeing Red AZ.

8/15/07 - Napolitano will probably
not set primary before February 5th.

8/8/07 - Konopnicki selected as legislator
of the year
by Arizona Association of Counties.

8/13/07 - Early voting begins
for Phoenix election.

8/11/07 - Democrats choose Bivens
for state party chairman.

8/8/07 - Coconino Board wants public
before choosing new state rep. ADS
8/8/07 - Again the only coverage that we
could find of the Phoenix District 3 debate
is at Seeing Red AZ.

8/8/07 - The Republic examines
Laura Pastor’s
donor base. AR

8/7/07 - Coverage from a conservative
perspective of District 1 Debate (Forum)
can be found at Seeing Red AZ.

Special - A conservative
rundown on the Phoenix elections.

8/6/07 - Kromko not running for mayor.

8/4/07 - Kromko plans run for mayor
of Tucson. Coverage from the Star and RRR.

8/4/07 - Group considers
recall effort
against Gilbert Mayor.

8/3/07 - Dems select 3 candidates
to replace Kirkpatrick.
More from the Daily Sun.

8/2/07 - Renzi may not seek re-election.
Business Journal Phoenix
Rum, Romanism and Rebellion

8/2/07 - Most new voters register Independent.

8/1/07 - Tom Cole, chairman of the NRCC,
talks about Arizona CD 1, 5, and 8.
Business Journal of Phx and East Valley Trib
both have coverage.


Gila Courier

Rum, Romanism
and Rebellion

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